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Our Methodology

Our approach to process design and review is based on many years process engineering and consultancy experience dealing with a wide variety of processes. This includes a portfolio of more or less formal calculation methods and process/chemical engineering analysis techniques, plus where relevant heat and material balance simulation, keyword based operability review and other specialist methods.

In order to optimise process plant energy efficiency, it is important to address the issues in a systematic manner.

Many companies have successfully reduced their energy demand by ad-hoc cherry picking of such projects that happen to have been identified either by chance or as a result of individual experience.

This may initially result in significant cost savings without the need for a large investment.

However, an ad-hoc approach alone cannot confidently determine that there are no other substantial savings opportunites as yet unidentified. Nor can it provide any assurance that the most obvious projects are necessarily those which would ultimately prove the most cost effective.

HRC Consultants offers a methodology to address process plant energy and water optimisation. This is based based on a number of new and more traditional methods of process analysis including Pinch analysis under the general heading of Process Integration.

Many of the industries with which we have been involved lie on the border of the traditional realm of chemical engineering. In many cases innovation, design and supply of equipment is predominantly manufacturer led rather than client driven. In consequence process elements are often less than optimally integrated, especially in terms of energy and water consumption. In these circumstances applying more systematic chemical/process engineering concepts and methodology can often realise significant benefits.

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